Q:  What is the Surgical Exchange Network

The Surgical Exchange Network is dedicated to helping lower the supply cost associated with surgical procedures for hospitals and ambulatory surgical center.        


How does the Surgical Exchange Network help lower supply costs? 

All facilities have a certain amount of "dead" inventory.  Slow moving inventory that may be getting ready to become outdated or inventory that is no longer being used based on physician utilization or preference.  There is a direct and substantial cost to this "dead" inventory.  Meanwhile there are other facilities that are currently utilizing this inventory and buying it at retail on a regular basis.  By utilizing the Surgical Exchange Network supply cost can be lowered in 2 ways;

1) If a facility sells "dead" inventory to facilities that are currently purchasing the same supply the revenue generated offsets the facility's supply costs.

2) This type of inventory is usually sold at a discount to retail.  The facility that purchases the supplies can realize a substantial savings on their supply costs.

Q: Why is this better then selling "dead" inventory to a third party reseller?

The third party resellers are in business to make a profit.  That profit is generated by buying inventory at the lowest possible price and selling it at the highest possible price while still saving the buyers money.  By utilizing the Surgical Exchange Network sellers can generally sell for a higher price and buyers can generally buy for a lower price this way everyone comes out ahead.

Also, third party resellers buy supplies for their inventory. Therefore they may not be willing to purchase supplies with short outdate life's. A facility that knows they are going to use a short dated supply before it is expires should have no objection to purchasing these supplies.

Q: Is it safe to buy and sell supplies this way?

The short answer is yes!  The long answer is yes and probably safer than selling to, or buying from, a third party reseller.  With any type of sterile supply used in surgery the packages need to be inspected to confirm that the integrity has not been compromised and that items have not expired.  When buying from another surgical department you can have a high degree of confidence that the supplies were stored and handled properly. 


Q: Why can't I gain access to the site immediately once I register.

In order to make sure that the Surgical Exchange Network is only utilized by surgical departments and that every user is licensed to buy and sell items marked with "RX Only"  each account has to be verified.

Q: How do I list items for sale?

After you login to the site you click on "User Tools" from the menu bar.  When the sub menu appears select the "User Control Panel".  From there you select "Manage Ads" and then "New Listing".  All listings are "Primary Listings" so on the next page you just click "Next"  . Complete the form with all of the required information then click "next" at the bottom of the page.  Once you review your submission you can click "Back" to make changes "Submit".  Once the listing is approved you will receive an email that your listing has gone live.


Q: How do I remove an Item that I have sold.

After you login to the site you click on "User Tools" from the menu bar.  When the sub menu appears select the "User Control Panel".  From there you select "Manage Ads".  You will see a list of your ads.  Find the add you want to remove and click the trashcan in the far right column. 

Q:  What does it cost to use the Surgical Exchange Network?

The Surgical Exchange Network is a subscription based service. There are no fees to list or buy supplies on the site. The annual subscription fee is $495.00/year.  This grants you unlimited access to buy and sell for the entire year.  With one transaction you can easily recoup the annual subscription cost.


Q: Who do I pay for items I want to purchase?

All transactions are between the buyer and the seller.

Q: How do I log in?

Click Log in. (top of page, on the left)

Enter your registered username and password. (Remember: these are case-sensitive).

Q: What should I do if I forget my password?

Click Login

Click password link located below the password input box.

Follow the instructions to retrieve your information.

Q: How do I register?

Your username will be the email address that you use during registration.  Your will be able to select your own password as part of the registration process.

Q: How do I create a listing?

See "How do I list items for sale?" above.

Insert the name of your listing in the title line box. This should include the manufactures Item Number and a generic description such as "Trocar" or "Mesh"

Select category - The categories are pre defined and are the Original company or Manufacture

Write a brief description (include the Item Number again) and include how your a reselling the supply (each, box of 6, ....)

Write a more detailed product listing.

Add the key words of your listing.  This is important.  Use words that you might use if your were searching for an item.

Make sure you enter the Manufacture Item Number.  This is how most buyers will search for what they are looking for.

Chose and upload image(s)

Enter name of institution, email address and contact number

Press next

Submit your listing for approval

Q: How do I a contact a seller?

Use the contact information listed on the item's posting to email or call the seller.