Subscription Requirments

Access to Surgical Exchange Network is limited to licensed surgical facilities.  This includes both Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgical Centers.  We only allow access to licensed surgical facilities for two reasons;

1) Many of the items that are bought and sold on this site are labeled with "RX Only".  The definition of this symbol is "CAUTION: U.S. Federal law restricts this device for sale by or on the order of a physician".  By limiting access we are ensuring that all of the buyers and sellers have the legal right to do so under Federal law.

2) By keeping third party resellers (middlemen) off of the site it provides a fair and somewhat controlled pricing range.  These third party resellers want to buy for pennies on the dollar and sell for as much as they can.   This hurts the facilities that are buying and selling.

The Surgical Exchange Network is a subscription based website  with an annual subscription fee of $495. All subscribers will have complete use of the site where they may list as many items as they want and can search the complete list of items for sale by other facilities. 



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